About Little Oasis

Visiting 1770 on our travels North, our story is similar to many other new locals here.

We were enjoying the simplicity of camping and both thrived on the adventure of the unknown. Agnes Water decided we should stay offering us work, a rental and our favorite, a baby.

After two years of being nurtured by this beautiful community we are in a position to give back. Little Oasis offers light and cold therapies in the form of far infrared sauna and cold plunge, also known as Contrast Therapy.

We have both held health in high regard throughout our lives. So we are now loving diving into Contrast Therapy and the immediate effects we see and feel. We are blown away by the endless list of health / countless benefits this therapy provides and love that we can offer this service to you all.

Chronic pain is something RJ has dealt with for years. After going hard on his body as a former athlete throughout his teens and twenties he now receives lessons from the pain teacher in his thirties. He experiments using both heat and cold to treat his pain and finds the results remarkable.

Kielly struggles with pushing herself, resisting physical and mental challenges. So the cold plunge is her teacher.
While knowing of the many physical benefits of cold water immersion it is psychological strength she notices gain in.

Most nights, once James is asleep we sneak out to indulge in a session of contrast therapy ourselves. It is always a grounding experience and sometimes the only time we have all day to sit down together and just be. It is quality time for both our health and our relationship.

We feel confident in offering this alternative health therapy to our surrounding community. The many avenues of health and lifestyle it touches for us is astounding so we hope it reaches you all too.

We thank you all for your love and support in our small business as well personally throughout the community. We hope to work with other projects and small businesses locally in ways to help elevate each other, so please come and share what you're working on and what we can do to help.

a man and woman standing in front of a palm tree
a man and woman standing in front of a palm tree

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Kielly, RJ & Baby James

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